Knight helmet printable coloring craft – Friday Freebies

Do you ever feel like your kids are spending too much time on electronic devices? Wish there was an easy way to get them to be hands-on creative?
Now there is! With our Friday freebies you’ll never wonder what activity to do with your kids during the weekend.

Today is all about the noble medieval warriors. We have a lovely knight helmet printable for you to enjoy!

This free printable mask is a wonderful coloring activity for your kids. Your little warrior will enjoy crafting their very own helmet!

Kid with printed knight helmet craft
Knight helmet for coloring, printable template

We have a small version (for toddlers) and a medium version for kids and adults.

Click here to get the small version (toddlers).
Click here to get the medium version (kids + adults).

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Kid with paper knight helmet craft
Kid with printable knight helmet craft
Boy with printable knight mask coloring craft
Kid with dwarf helmet printable craft
Boy with dwarf helmet paper craft
Printable knight craft helmet template
Knight craft helmet paper template
Knight coloring craft helmet paper template
Dwarf helmet printable craft
Dwarf helmet paper coloring craft